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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#55 - Dimanche and Other Stories - Irene Nemirovsky

Title:  Dimanche and Other Stories
Author:   Irene Nemirovsky
Reader:  Cassandra Campbell
Genre:  Short Stories
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B+
Published:  2010
Dates:   8/23/16 – 8/30/16
Cds/Hrs:  7/8.5
The 16 in 16 challenge at my local library has me exploring so many new possibilities in books.  This book actually falls into a couple categories – Short Stories and Translated.   This book will go into Translated since I listened to it during the scheduled 20 day period devoted to reading a translation.    These stories were delightful to listen to.  As the back cover describes the author’s work I agree and quote it here – “This is a gorgeous, gem-like volume with the same attention to detail that won Irene Nemirovsky so many fans.  Written between 1934 and 1942, these ten stories mine the same terrain as her bestselling novels:  a keen eye for the details of social class; the tensions between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives; the manners and mannerisms of the French bourgeoisie; and questions of religion and personal identity.  Moving from the drawing rooms of prewar Paris to the lives of men and women in wartime France, here is the beautiful work of a writer at the height of her tragically short career.”

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