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Monday, August 8, 2016

#48 - Trixie Belden and the Happy Valley Mystery - Kathryn Kenny

Title:  Trixie Belden and the Happy Valley Mystery
Author:   Kathryn Kenny
Genre:  Mystery
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published:  1962
Dates:  8/5/16 – 8/8/16

Springtime and Easter vacation find six of the seven Bob-Whites on their way to Iowa, home of Andrew Belden, Trixie, Brian and Mart’s uncle, who owns a sheep farm near the town of Valley Park.  A mystery is in progress when the BWGs learn that Uncle Andrew’s sheep are disappearing.  They all are concerned but are cautioned by Mr. Gorman’s, Uncle Andrew’s farm manager, not to worry that the sheriff will take care of the matter.  Trixie will not listen to Hank Gorman, not once but several times, as she adds up the clues to who the culprits are.  In fact at one point Trixie does not listen to Jim’s admonishment to sit down.  The result is nearly tragic and Jim, Trixie and Honey find themselves in a life threatening situation. 
During their week in Iowa they learn all sorts of things – the care and keeping of sheep, what 4-H is all about, and what fun it is to hunt rabbits, not to mention how to survive a flood!  The BWGs also meet some of the local kids who attend Rivervale High School and get involved with basketball, dancing, partying and ice skating.  It’s a jam-packed week and by the end it’s clear who the twosomes are in this next in the Trixie Belden series.  It was a fun re-read for me.

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