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Friday, February 9, 2018

52 Books in 52 Weeks - 2018

A book by a Canadian author
A childhood favourite - Trixie Belden & the Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper - Kathryn Kenny (2)
A novel that is considered a "classic"
A mystery novel
A book you've been meaning to read but haven't got to
A science fiction novel
An adventure/espionage novel
A biography
A book that challenges your viewpoint
The first book in a trilogy - The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman (7)
A book with over 600 pages
A book you can read in a day - The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (6)
A book that has won a Pulitzer Prize - any year
Any book from 2017 Good Reads Choice Awards
A book that has been made into a movie
A book chosen solely by its cover - Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson (9)
A book on theology
A celebrity memoir
A book with a six word title
A book set in a country you want to visit
Makes you laugh out loud
You read in school
With a green spine - Meditations for Stressful Situations - David Michie (1)
With a character that shares your name
Publish in 2018
Recommended by a friend - Madame President - Helene Cooper (8)
Recommended by a librarian
Written by an author under 30 - The Outsiders - S. E. Hinton (11)
Written before 1920
Makes you cry
An e-book
With a bad review
A young adults bestseller - A Separate Peace - John Knowles (4)
Historical nonfiction
That inspires you
A short story - Ancestor-Birth-Boyhood - U. S. Grant from his Memoirs in American Childhood Anthology - David W. McCullough, Editor (13)
Been on the NYT best seller list for more than 10 weeks
Political book (fiction or non-fiction)
By a Scandinavian author
With non-human characters - Dialogue of the Dogs - Miguel de Cervantes (3)
About a topic you're passionate about
Set in the Mid-East
Already on your bookshelf - The Ministry to the Imprisoned - Joan Campbell (12)
Was once banned
Originally published in your birth year
About travel
Translated into English
With the letter "Y" in the title - January First - Michael Schofield (10)
With food on the cover
About a current world issue
By Agatha Christie
Set in Africa - Radiance of Tomorrow - Ishmael Beah (5)

Alphabet Soup Challenge - 2018

D   Dialogue of the Dogs - Miguel de Cervantes
R   Radiance of Tomorrow - Ishmael Beah
S   A Separate Piece - John Knowles

W  Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson
Y   JanuarY First - Michael Schofield

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#80 - Jesus Always - Sarah Young

Title:   Jesus Always
Author:  Sarah Young
Genre:  Spiritual Non-Fiction
Publisher/Date:  Thomas Nelson/2016
Dates read:   1/1/17 - 12/31/17
ISBN:  978-0-7180-3950-9

This daily devotional, sub-titled Embracing JOY in His Presence, kept me sane this past year.  Fraught with uncertainty, fear and emotional pain, I clung to the passages that Sarah provided each day.  When our days were filled with what would, could or should my dear husband expect from this painful cancer we were living with, I sought refuge in this small, but powerful book.  For example, in the month of March, the gospel of John pointed me to “From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.”  And when I look back now I realize the whole year, not just March or July or even into 2018, we were so blessed with His grace (and will be).  In particular on March 29, “Good things are better and bad things are more bearable when you share them with Me.”  
I loved the action words like “share” and supporting Bible verses from July 23, “have no fear of bad news, for I am able to bring good out of evil” (Psalm 112:7).

And now only a few days since John’s passing, I continue to be blessed with each person that entered our lives and continues to come into my life.  I see Christ from their God-given gifts and I am humbled by this experience, whether an on-line comment, a letter, or card, or phone call, a text – you name it, it soothes my soul, calms my heart and quiets my mind.

Monday, December 25, 2017

#79 - The Prophet and Other Stories - Kahlil Gibran

Title:  The Prophet and Other Stories
Authors:  Kahlil Gibran
Genre:  Philosphy 892.7
Read by:  Jonathan Reese
Originally published:  1923, 1920, and 1918
Publisher/Date:  Blackstone Audio/2005
Dates listened to:   12/22/17 - 12/25/17
CDs/Hours:  3/3
ISBN:  078617584-2

The three sections of this book read like parts of the Bible – the psalms, the proverbs and the parables of Jesus.  You will even hear a bit of what sounds like Aesop and his fables.  No wonder it was a best-seller in 1923 when The Prophet was first published.  “…the book begins with a discourse on love and then turns to everyday concerns and to such high matters as good and evil, religion, and death.”  Published in 1920, Gibran makes clear in the next story, The Forerunner, that we are masters of our own destiny, not toys of a blind fate.   The last story, The Madman, “asserts that we tend to be what society expects from us, even when these expectations might be detrimental for the development of our self-identity.”  All in all, these homilies are very apropos in this generation nearly 100 years later, and like the Bible are timeless.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

#78 - A Wedding in December - Anita Shreve

Title:   A Wedding in December
Author:  Anita Shreve
Genre:  Fiction
Read by:  Linda Emond
Publisher/Date:  Time Warner Audio Books/2005
Dates listened to:   12/11/17 - 12/19/17
Downloadable Audiobook:  10 hours
ISBN:  1594832579

Anita Shreve, at one time, was my favorite author and then I must have tired of her or was diverted elsewhere.  In my quest to find a December book I came across this one in which she tells a story within the story, something which I didn’t at first quite catch on to as I listened!  

I liked what Agnes, the character who was writing the book within this story said, “What was the point of fiction … if not to edit reality, if not to re-write history, if not to soothe one’s fevered dreams.”  The story Agnes was writing paralleled her own life.  And it is this quote upon which much of fiction hangs and, in the case of Shreve's books, makes for such a great love story!