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Thursday, August 11, 2016

#49 - You are My Hiding Place - Amy Carmichael

Title:  You Are My Hiding Place
Author:   Amy Carmichael
Genre: Spiritual
Category:  Non – Fiction   242
Rating:  A
Pages:  125
Published: 1991
Dates:   1/1/16 – 8/11/16

David Hazard arranged these daily devotionals and sub-titled it A 40-Day Journey in the Company of Amy Carmichael.  This is a library book and I had to renew it twice before completing it.  I found each daily reading full of heartfelt messages I wanted keep forever and may just buy this book because it is a “keeper.”   Carmichael was introduced to me by a new friend, a student nurse going to a local college before she graduated in June, 2016.  My church did a prayer partner match-up in November 2015 and that’s when I met her and we hit it off.  Rachel told me about Amy Carmichael because Amy was a missionary in India and Rachel would soon be traveling to India to put in some time in a foreign country.  We have remained friends even though she moved back home to the east-coast and now has a job as neo-natal nurse.  Way to go, Rachel!

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