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Monday, August 22, 2016

#53 - Runaway - Alice Munro

Title:  Runaway
Author:   Alice Munro
Read by:  Kymberly Dakin
Genre: Short Stories
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published:  2004
Date Read:   8/11/16 – 8/22/16

From the back cover – “The stories in this collection are about women of all ages and circumstances.  The runaway of the title story is a young woman who is incapable of leaving her husband.  In another, a country girl emerging into the larger world via a job in a resort hotel discovers in a single moment of insight the limits and lies of passion.  Three stories concern the same woman – in the first she escapes from teaching at a girls’ school into a wild love affair; in the second, she returns with her child to the home of her parents, whose marriage she finally begins to examine; and in the last, her vanished child turns up caught in the grip of a religious cult.  In these and other others Alice Munro’s understanding of the people about whom she writes makes their lives as real as our own.”

I enjoyed Munro’s writing and am wondering why I haven’t read anything by her until now.  Now I will look for her more often in my travels through the local libraries.

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