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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#51 - God's Inspirational Promise Book - Max Lucado

Title:  God’s Inspirational Promise Book
Author:   Max Lucado
Genre: Spiritual
Category:  Non-Fiction
Rating:  B
Pages:  201
Published:  2012
Dates:   1/23/16 – 8/16/16

A friend gave me this book.  It seems I get an inspirational book every year from a different friend.  Bless their hearts!  And this one I finished ahead of a year so have re-started it and will be half way through it again before the year is done.  This is my first Lucado book.  Each of the nine sections begins with the title - Inspirational Promises.  Some of the subjects include “About God”, “Of Guidance” and “Assurance”.  Sub-subjects, for example, in the section entitled “To Give Insight” are – Courage, Faith, Contentment, Love, Hope, Truth, Strength and Patience.  Two pages are devoted to each sub-subject.  The first page, for example, about Serving God under the main Subject – “About Christian Living” gives three or four Biblical citations from the Old and New Testament.  On the second page, Mr. Lucado shares an insight into that heading with a prayer at the end.
I always look for action words that I can incorporate into my life for that day.  For example, in the section entitled Inspirational Promises About Wisdom, sub-subject – Correcting Mistakes tells me in Proverbs 28:13, “If you confess (your sins) and reject them, you will receive mercy.”  In Romans 14:17 – 19, “… try to do what makes peace and helps one another.”  On the next page, our author invites us into this prayer – “Father, take our mistakes and turn them into opportunities.  You have shown us this over and over through the lives of people like David, Paul and Peter.  We know you can do the same for us.”
The title of the book is truly an inspiration to me to continue to try and live my life more in keeping with how Jesus calls me to live.  I’m very much still a work in progress!

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