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Friday, August 5, 2016

#45 - American Housewife: Stories - Helen Ellis

Title:  American Housewife:  Stories
Author:  Helen Ellis
Read by:  Kathleen McInerney, Lisa Cordileone, Rebecca Lowman and Dorothy Dillingham
Genre:  Short Stories
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published:  2016
Date:   7/17/16 – 8/2/16

Great collection of twelve short stories by Helen Ellis.  In the first story of the group is "What I Do All Day".  It’s less than three pages.  In first person point of view, our first housewife begins - “Inspired by Beyonce, I stallion-walk to the toaster … I go to the grocery store and find that everyone else has gone to the grocery store and, as I maneuver my cart through Chips and Nuts traffic, I get grocery aisle rage.” 

In "Wainscoting Wars" we find Angela Chastain-Peters and Gail Montgomery in an email exchange at each other’s throats over Angela’s wainscoting wallpaper, and among other things upon which they don’t see eye to eye.  You can feel the cattiness crawling up your skin as these two snarl and hiss at each other and agree to disagree.

As one reviewer tells us “I want to throw a cocktail party for Helen Ellis’s beautiful, demented, touching heroines …”   And you may feel the same way she does when you’ve finished with these funny fics filled with fluff and flamboyance!

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