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Friday, July 21, 2017

#46 - Art Workshops for Children - Herve Tullet


Title:  Art Workshops for Children
Author:  Herve Tullet
Genre:  Kid Pic Book – Non-fiction 372.5
Publisher/Date:  Phaidon Press/2015
ISBN:  978-0-7148-6973-5
Date read:  7/21/17

Although Herve Tullet has written over 70 publications, I just ran across this book of his about a month or so ago.  In my quest to read a second book by an author, his Childhood Recaptured hit the spot for me.  I should have read if earlier before today when granddaughter came for a visit.  If you want to do a project from one of the chapters, it requires getting your tools in order – whether a large roll of butcher paper, paint brushes, jars of poster paint, coveralls.  So I described to granddaughter what we could do another day when she comes over.

The fun things Tullet describes are meant for large groups of kids which doesn’t mean you are limited to many small children, though it does sound delightful when he’s telling us to change places or switch papers to make our art more interesting!

Wrapping up the book is an essay by Sophie Van der Linden.  She gives us an overview about Mr. Tullet and his talents – from builder of workshops to encouraging young participants; from his relaxed approach to being alert to everything that’s happening around him.  He sounds like the ideal teacher that we’ve all dreamed of – in the world of art or otherwise.

We are seeing art becoming a larger part of our granddaughter’s life.  And it’ll be fun to do one or more of these project with her, one day in the future.  Thank you Herve Tullet for your talent.

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