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Thursday, July 13, 2017

#40 - Buzzy - Julia Hoban

Title:  Buzzy
Author:  Julia Hoban
Pictures by:  John Himmelman
Genre:  Kid Pic Book
Publisher/Date: Harper Trophy/1990
ISBN:  978-0-758-71037-6
Dates read:  7/12/17

Even though granddaughter is nine now when it’s bedtime she still likes gramma to read to her and I go for two or three short books.  So, Hoban’s Buzzy was perfect.  Buzzy is a cat and his mama says “You can get a job.”  She knows he is polite, clean and a good mouser and sends him off in search of work.  He first applies to be a mouser, then at a dairy because he is clean and then at a restaurant as a busboy since is so polite.  Busboy Buzzy does well and goes beyond the call of duty when he makes the patrons feel good about themselves.  And most of all, he makes mama proud of him. 

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