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Thursday, July 13, 2017

#42 - Double Fudge - Judy Blume

Title:  Double Fudge
Author:  Judy Blume
Genre:  Kid Chapter Book
Read by:  Author
Publisher/Date:   Random House/2002
Dates listened to:   7/4/17 – 7/13/17
CDs/Hours:  4/4.75

Not sure why I’d never read Blume before but here we are with a later book from the Fudge series.  Narrated by Ms. Blume we discover that she hadn’t intended to take Fudge and the Hatcher family this far.  It wasn’t until she had a grandson of her own who loved Fudge that she took it a book further.  Makes me almost want to read or listen to the whole series.  The “double” part of this scenario has to do with a cousin they run into in Washington, D. C.

Endearing characters include Uncle Feather, the pet Mina bird, Turtle, the dog, Tootsie, the little sister and Pete, the big brother, who narrates the story.   Mix in twin cousins and their little brother who is Fudge’s age and their parents from Honolulu, Hawaii, who come to stay at their New York City apartment and mayhem ensues. 

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