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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#45 - The Shepherd's Life - James Rebanks

Title:  The Shepherd’s Life
Author:  James Rebanks
Genre:  Memoir – 636.30092
Read by:  Bryan Dick
Publisher/Date:   McMillan Audio/2015
Dates listened to:   7/13/17 – 7/18/17
CDs/Hours:  6/7.5
IBSN:  978-1-4272-7519-6

Set amidst Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth’s Lake District of Northern England, James Rebanks tells the story of his life and that of his father and grandfather.  All shepherds, this family has been in the business for generations – sending their sheep to the fells (high moorlands) in the summer; making hay; replenishing their flocks at autumn fairs; keeping the sheep alive during the grueling winters and helping the ewes to birth their lambs in springtime.  I got caught up in James’s life – how he hated school yet went on to Oxford, his disagreement and subsequent reconciliation with his father about life, his work ethic regardless of the circumstances.  He took everything in stride.

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