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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#63 - Trinity of Man - Dennis and Rita Bennett

Title:  Trinity of Man
Author:   Dennis and Rita Bennett
Genre:  Non- Fiction
Category:  Spiritual
Rating:  B+
Published:  1987
Dates:  9/12/16– 10/3/16
Pages: 203

Local authors Dennis (now deceased) and wife Rita have written innumerable books on Christian spirituality.  I always learn from these two and this book, sub-titled The Three Dimensions of Healing and Wholeness, again delivers.  I think the most useful part of the book deals with the healing of events in our lives when we take Jesus back with us to a time that was hurtful to our spirit, soul, and/or body.   Recognizing that Jesus was there and is there during our life is helpful to the healing process.
I’d had an opportunity to participate in a similar workshop some years ago that took us through this process.  It’s a powerful time when you picture in your mind something traumatic or unpleasant that happened to you – maybe as a child, or young adult or even things going on in your current life that needs to be dealt with.  The first step in the healing process is to recognize even a small thing, like a sore toe, that needs a healing touch.  Perhaps you need healing for your soul about something you’re afraid of, like flying, or not liking to be touched or maybe someone close to you has died.  Other questions that help are – Who was the first person you genuinely felt loved you?  Did you have a fantasy world in your childhood, and do you still escape into it from time to time?  Did you have a happy childhood?  Your first step is to realize your need and a desire to be healed.
The book takes you step by step through the process which includes a part on forgiving.  Only in forgiving another person can God release you from the effect of your own sins.  “This is a basic principle.  If you want to be to receive love, you must be willing to love; if you want to receive forgiveness, you must forgive.”  Once you’ve been through the process a few times you should be able to bring this process into your everyday life – recognize an issue and know Jesus walks with you as you deal with it.
I’m looking forward to doing some more healing on my soul and spirit and body and using this helpful tool in that process.

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