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Thursday, September 29, 2016

#62 - Stoner - John Williams

Title:  Stoner
Author:   John Williams
Read by:  Robin Field
Genre: Literature
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B+
Published:  1965
Dates:   9/12/16 – 9/29/16

William Stoner had meant to study agronomy in order to help his father with the family farm.  Instead, he fell in love with English literature and embraced the life of a scholar.  A shy, silent man Bill Stoner becomes a professor of English lit at the University of Missouri, marries a woman colder than an arctic blast and fathers a daughter who falls under the spell of her strict mother.  Stoner, himself, becomes infatuated with a fellow teacher who had earlier been his student.  Their affair ends under threat of scandal.  Like his forebears, Stoner withdraws further inside himself until the point of death.  As reviewer actor Tom Hanks says “… it’s one of the most fascinating things that you’ve ever come across.”

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