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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#64 - Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keyes

Title:  Flowers for Algernon
Author:   Daniel Keyes
Read by:  Jeff Woodman
Genre: Fantasy
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published: 1959
Dates:   9/29/16 – 10/4/16
CDs/Hours:  8/9
Known as Charly in the movie version Charlie Gordon knows he isn’t very bright.  He is 32 years old and mops the floor in a bakery and earns just enough to get by.  He studies at a center for retarded adults three evenings a week.  As part of an experimental operation a group of doctors will attempt to alter Charlie’s brain to increase his intelligence.  It works as it did for Algernon, a lab rat, and Charlie’s IQ soars over the course of three months as he learns to read, reason and research his condition.   Charlie’s brilliance points out a flaw in the study that the doctors had not considered.  It’s bothersome to Charlie yet he keeps reports on the effects of his transformation that will be helpful in the future to other mentally disabled people.
I liked this book because it demonstrates the humanness of all of us – especially the lowly who are treated less than kindly; that we all need to love and be loved and try to be the best we can be as our contribution to humanity.

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