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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#65 - Sunrise Hill - Kathleen Long Bostrum

Title:  Sunrise Hill
Author:   Kathleen Long Bostrom
Genre: Easy Reading Level/Picture Book for Kids
Category:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published: 2004
Date:  10/4/16

Granddaughter and I had an evening together last night and took turns reading this book.  Ten year old Caleb’s Uncle Josh comes to town, intent on building a church in time for Easter.  Most of the townspeople are behind him and help construct the church on a hill. The blacksmith seems to think a church is not necessary and says what he thinks.   One night the church catches fire and burns to the ground.  Uncle Josh is most affected by this turn of events and becomes despondent.  But Caleb encourages his uncle to go with him to the hill and look and see.  Uncle Josh dresses and goes up the hill and discovers the whole town coming to church.  In the ashes of the church, Uncle Josh’s face lit up inside and out and he shouted for everyone to hear – “Hallelujah folks!  It’s Easter!  Jesus is alive!  The sun has risen and so has the Son of God!”
You’ll have to read the story to learn how the blacksmith’s life was transformed and what gift he brought as his Easter offering.  I love another thing that Uncle Josh said -- " ...we don't need a building to have a church.  We are the church because we believe."

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