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Monday, October 10, 2016

#67 - One Moon, Two Cats - Laura Godwin

Title:  One Moon, Two Cats
Author:   Laura Godwin
Illustrated by:  Yoko Tanaka
Genre:  Fiction
Category:  Kid Picture Book
Rating:  B
Published:  2011
Date:  10/10/15

This second book we’ve read by this author is actually too babyish but in my goal to read two books by an author I persevered and read this to granddaughter just as she was falling asleep Saturday night.  It’s a sweet story by which to fall asleep.  And together we have two cats, Porter and I. 
The story cats are a white city cat and a tiger striped country cat.  Porter’s cat, Randal, is a short haired black cat without front claws who used to chase bunnies and rodents for breakfast.  Haiku is a long haired black cat who lives indoors.  The white kitty sits in the window and watches vans and trucks while the country guy roams about with pigs and ducks.  Randal has chicken friends who live in their hen house while Haiku chases not even a mouse.

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