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Monday, June 26, 2017

#31 - Pete the Cat and the Tip-TopTree House - James Dean

Title:  Pete the Cat and the Tip-Top Tree House
Author/Art by:  James Dean
Genre:  Kid Pic Book
Publisher/Date: Harper Collins/2017
ISBN:  978-0-06-240432-9
Date read:  6/26/17

Today is granddaughter’s birthday and she celebrated this morning on her last day of school by passing out favor bags to her classmates.  They got a pencil, eraser and some glitter putty.  Yesterday she was 8 years old and in the third grade.  Today she’s 9 years old and an official fourth grader.  That’s our girl!!

When she got to our house she made a bee-line for the craft room and spent the afternoon making thank you cards for both sets of grandparents and her parents.  While doing this she also played her favorite movie on her device.  To top it off I joined her with some books I’d chosen at the library last week, saying they were by authors of books she and I had previously read.  And James Dean was an author.  She said just for me to read but I coaxed her and we took turns, she reading the left hand side and I the right page.  Before we knew it we’d read three of the Dean/Litwin books.

She wasn’t sure that she liked the Tree House book though I liked the friends’ ingenuity in expanding Pete’s tree house.  It did grow like topsy but the moral of the story was down to earth.  And like Pete said, “I’m so glad it brought us all together.”

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