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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#25 - Heaven - Randy Alcorn

Title:  Heaven
Author:  Randy Alcorn
Genre:  Non-Fiction   236.24
Read by:  Randy Alcorn
Publisher/Date:  Oasis Audio LLC/2008
Dates listened to:  6/1/17
CDs/Hours:  1/1
ISBN: 978-1598594478

Biblical Answers to Common Questions is the sub-title of the book.  We just completed a series on Heaven and Pastor Barry cited Alcorn a number of times throughout his talks.

For each question there is a Biblical citation to support the answer.  For example, how can we know for sure we’ll go to Heaven?  From John 3:16 – God gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him will have everlasting life.  For Christians this is immensely comforting.

Many of us have questions about what Heaven will be like.  After years of research, Dr. Randy Alcorn offers answers from the Bible.  The back of the CD says that the audio book provides just a sample of the questions and answer found in Randy Alcorn’s Heaven.  Yet it also says is unabridged.    
In any event, it’s a worthwhile book with answers about Heaven that make sense.  It gives eternity a whole new light.

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