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Thursday, June 1, 2017

#24 - Shared Glory - D. M. Ulmer

Title:  Shared Glory
Author:  D. M. Ulmer
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Publisher/Date: Patriot Media/2014
ISBN:  978-0-9905724-0-4 
Dates read:  5/16/17 – 5/31/17
Pages:  157

Our friend Don Ulmer writes the “bestest” books.  I’ve read about six of them now and each one touches my heart.  This particular book is based upon a real incident that occurred during WWII, long before our time.  Don includes a letter remembering the day, June 26, 1945.  The letter is written by the pilot of the B-29 to the commanding officer of the submarine who rescued him, thanking him with warmest regards for saving his life and the lives of his crew members.  We also have the film clip of the actual rescue.

It’s also a love story.  Don tells me it’s not something his publishers like to see in war stories but Don includes it because it ties the lives of the characters together so beautifully.

Thank you Don for your caring heart and touching story.

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