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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#30 - Nancy Drew and the Ghost of Blackwood Hall - Carolyn Keene

Title:  Nancy Drew and the Ghost of Blackwood Hall
Author:  Caroline Keene
Genre:  Mystery
Publisher/Date: Grosset & Dunlap/1948
ISBN:  978-1-4332-2814-8
Dates read:  6/16/17 – 6/20/17
Pages:  178

Number 25 in the Nancy Drew series, I re-read this book for Summer Book Bingo sponsored by the Seattle Public Library and the Seattle Arts and Lectures.  

“If I ever try to solve a mystery with a ghost in it, I’ll use a smart cat to help me!” Nancy Drew remarked laughingly.   

In this adventure all the usual characters are present and accounted for – Mr. Carson Drew, Nancy’s lawyer dad, Ned Andrews, Nancy’s boyfriend, Mrs. Hannan Gruen, the Drew’s housekeeper, George Fayne, Nancy’s girlfriend and Bess Martin, Nancy’s other girlfriend and George’s cousin.  They all convene at appropriate times to help Nancy solve the mystery, even Nancy’s dog Togo!

When Mrs. Putney seeks Nancy’s help in recovering her stolen jewelry, the search for the thieves takes Nancy, Bess and George to New Orleans.   The quest is hampered by the odd way Mrs. Putney behaves.  Two young women figure into the mystery and it’s not clear at first whether they are victims of the same types of thefts.  Yet, the three gullible women are involved in a cruel hoax to strip them of their finances.  

Nancy, George and Bess find themselves on the trail of the thieves who have taken over an old mansion called Blackwood Hall.  It is much fun to watch the eerie specter play the organ and disappear before your eyes.  And it’s kind of creepy to know there is a hidden room behind a panel in the wall and to have Nancy captured by the bad guys.  And Nancy displays her usual good judgment and helps capture the sinister racketeers in the end. 

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