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Saturday, June 17, 2017

#28 - Kiln Zone - Sharman Badgett-Young

Title:  Kiln Zone
Author:  Sharman Badgett-Young
Genre:  Mystery
Publisher/Date: Sharman Badgett-Young/2014
ISBN:  9781500194697
Dates read:  6/1/17 – 6/16/17
Pages:  218

This is a debut book by my friend Sharman.   The setting is the fictitious Woodsdale that looks a lot like Edmonds, Washington.

The protagonist, Marca Ruiz, like Sharman is a potter and belongs to a group of mud-people.  One day visiting eminent ceramicist Dr. Matthew Frye is missing.  He had come for a two week stay to teach and inspire the pottery students in the art of throwing clay and designing exquisite creations.  Now he had disappeared and the only clue is a heap of ash in the bottom of a kiln.  Were they his cremains?  Or not?

Enter Police Detective Anders Johanson.  He makes Marca’s heart beat faster.  Matthew’s wife, Alice, on the other hand, does not trust the young man.  She’ll do just about anything to discover the person who did this macabre act.  

Ms. Badgett-Young does well with plot and character development.  She self-published due to time constraints.  She wanted her mother to see her in print before passing.  Sharman delivered in time.  I think we’ll see more from this talented writer.

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