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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#42 - My Name is Lucy Barton - Elizabeth Strout

Title:  My Name is Lucy Barton
Author:  Elizabeth Strout
Read by:  Kimberly Farr
Genre:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published:  2016
CDs/Hrs:  4/4
Date:   7/19/16 – 7/27/16

From a simple hospital visit comes a tender story about a relationship between one daughter and her mother. 

Lucy is slowly recovering from surgery.  Her mother, with whom she hasn’t spoken in many years, appears at her bedside.  Over the course of five days, the two exchange gossip from the past.  These stories seem to reconnect them.  Below the surface though lies tension that governed Lucy’s life and caused her to escape her troubled family, helped her become a writer, divorce her husband and define her love of two daughters.  Strout tugs at our heartstrings as Lucy’s life unfolds because we, too, can identify with incidents similar to our lives.  Short and bitter-sweet.

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