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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

#22 - Monster Mash - Jennifer L. Holm

Title:  Monster Mash
Author:  Jennifer L. Holm
Genre:  Graphic
Publisher/Date: Random House/2008
ISBN:  978-0-375-8438707 
Dates read:  5/26/17 – 5/29/17
Pages:  91

Ninth in the Babymouse series, Babymouse can’t decide what to wear for her Halloween costume.  All she knows is that it HAS to be scary!  She’s at the costume store and one of her so-called fat cat friends from school tells her that girls have to be pretty for Halloween.  It’s a RULE.  Only boys can be scary, he says.

Her friend Wilson is more sympathetic.  And her mom tells her she can have a Halloween party after trick-or-treating.  She mentions this at lunch the next day at school.  She’s only planned on some close friends like Wilson, Duckie, Georgie.  Before she can blink an eye the so-called fat cat friend invites himself and some other unsavory characters.   Soon things are really getting out of hand.

Finally Halloween arrives and Babymouse is wearing a costume she detests and goes trick-or-treating and finds herself sucking in again to another RULE.  The so-called fat cat friend insists on toilet papering a neighbor’s house.   The fat cat determines that it’s not called trick-or-treating for nothing and begins handing out raw eggs to be thrown at people’s houses.  Babymouse finally tells the group it’s time to go to her house for the party.  That’s when fat cat must have more candy and snatches and grabs a couple kids’ candy sacks. 

Babymouse has had quite enough of this character’s antics and takes matters into her own hands.  Redemption prevails and Babymouse settles the score once and for all.  She’s come up with some RULES of her own!

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