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Monday, May 1, 2017

#18 - I Need a Lunch Box - Jeannette Caines

Title:  I Need a Lunch Box
Author:  Jeannette Caines
Pictures by:  Pam Cummings
Genre:  kid picture book
Publisher/Date: Harper Collins/1988
ISBN: 978-0-06020-9858
Date read:  4/30/17

This is one of those books where I wanted to get another book by an author granddaughter and I had previously read.  So at bedtime last night I read it to her as she looked at the pictures.  Half way through the book, she began reading every other page.  When we finished she asked to read it aloud.  No arm twisting, this kid!

Doris’s little brother gives us his first person impression of what it’s like to be ready for school, if only because he wants a lunch box.  His big sister gets not only a lunch box but a pencil case with a ruler, two new pencils, and two pink erasers.  All he gets was a coloring book about space men and a box of crayons – but no lunch box.  He wants one so much he dreams about having one for every day of the week.  Well – you’ve heard the adage that dreams do come true.  So you can imagine how this dear story ends. 

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