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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

#20 - The Stone Roses - Sarah Gainham

Title:  The Stone Roses
Author:  Sarah Gainham
Genre:  Fiction
Publisher/Date: E. P. Dutton & Co./1959
Date read:  4/24/17 – 5/15/17
Pages:  256

Toby Elyot knew he didn’t like parties and this particular one wasn’t any better.  Yet, he met Miss Andrea Skala, the person he was meant to know.  She was engaged to be married and her fiancé did not seem that interested in protecting her during a crucial time in her life when being wed would save her life and perhaps free her brother, Jan, from the political forces that held him hostage.

Such is the premise of Gainham’s book, set in Prague, Czechoslovakia, during the Russian influence of post-WWII.  The story moves a bit slowly but the suspense is pretty good, and the action intense when called for.  This is a second-to-be-read book of this author I first met in 1968, so it’s been a couple years for me to get around to another book of hers.

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