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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#16 - The Friendship Matchmaker - Randa Abdel-Fattah

Title:  The Friendship Matchmaker
Author:  Randa Abdel-Fattah
Genre:  kid chapter book
Publisher/Date: Walker & Company, NY/2011
ISBN: 978-0-8027-2832-6
Date read:  3/9/17 – 4/25/17
Pages:  179

Lara is the Friendship Matchmaker.  Her gift, she thinks, is matching up classmates to have a best friend.  She’s writing a manual to outline the rules.  Rules!  And does she have rules!    And here is part of her journal to tell us about her.  “… If you’re reading this Manual it’s probably because you’re sick and tired of feeling lonely.  Or maybe you have a friend but you’re not sure where you stand with him or her.  Or maybe, you’re the third wheel in a trio.  Or can’t work out how to strike up a conversation.”

You get the idea.  

Then a new kid in school, Emily, follows her “own” rules when it comes to making friends, and threatens Lara’s matchmaking methods.  They both decide to settle things and compete to see who can find a (TL) Total Loner a new (BFF) Best Friend Forever.  Will Lara maintain her status as “the” Friendship Matchmaker?  Or will she see, that sometimes the Rules for Friendship are meant to be broken?

DGD (dear granddaughter) listened as I began reading the book when she came to visit last month.  I couldn’t get her interested in finishing it the last time she was here so I finished it myself.  Yes, it was the second book by an author I’d previously read.  

Abdel-Fattah is from Australia and specializes in books for kids and young adults.  She’s a litigation lawyer and a human rights activist.

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