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Sunday, April 16, 2017

#14 - Another Brooklyn - Jacqueline Woodson

Title:  Another Brooklyn
Author:  Jacqueline Woodson
Genre:  Fiction
Performed by:  Robin Miles
Publisher/Date: Harper Collins/2016
Dates listened to:  4/10/17 – 4/16/17
CDs/Hours:  3/2.75
ISBN:  978-0-0625-7375-9

So familiar are the characters in this work of fiction, that if you’ve met Woodson in print, you’d swear you were reading her memoir.  As the back cover tells us, Another Brooklyn heartbreakingly illuminates the formative years when being a kid gives way to adulthood and the promise and peril of growing up.  And exquisitely renders a powerful, indelible, and fleeting friendship that unite four young girls.

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