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Sunday, May 1, 2016

#19 - Frog and Toad are Friends - Arnold Loebel

Title:  Frog and Toad are Friends
Author:  Arnold Loebel
Narrated by:  Arnold Loebel
Genre:  Fiction
Rating:  B
Published:  1970
Dates:  4/30/15
Cds/Hrs:  1/.75

Recommended by Tom Nissley for May I had it and listened to it in the car yesterday morning to and fro yoga in the car.  Not sure why I’d never read this author to granddaughter but here I was enchanted and wondering if the Bible Study Fellowship two year olds would like it.  You can listen to it for 24 minutes and turn the pages when you here the bell tinkle or listen to it all the way through with the prompts.  Or just read it if you’re at the Reading 2 with help level.  Now I must, if not for Porter, then for myself another Loebel book.  What a winner!

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