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Saturday, March 11, 2017

#9 - The Elephant Wish - Lou Berger

Title:  The Elephant Wish
Author:  Lou Berger
Illustrated by:  Ana Juan
Genre:  Kid Picture Book
Publisher/Date: Schwartz & Wade Books/2008
ISBN: 978-0-375-83962-7
Date read:  3/9/17

Absolutely delightful story.  It tugged at my heart strings, especially at the end.  I became the ninety-seven year old woman who wished for the elephant.  It appeared and satisfied me.  I had a two-hundred-year-old bulldog who rode in a red wagon, named Potato.  Granddaughter was the young girl who also wished for something extraordinary.

Granddaughter declared this was her favorite story.  When I asked her why this story was her favorite, she simply replied that the wish was granted.  It’s an age old theme, wishing for the impossible and getting it and then remembering it fondly.  Forever.   The story was even more endearing when the old lady and the young girl met when they were both the same age, each wanting to keep their wish when Cousin Floyd, the elephant, said that one of them must go, that he couldn't hold two wishers at the same time.

You’ve just got to read it to appreciate it.

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