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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#30 - Yes Please - Amy Poehler

Title:  Yes Please
Author & Reader:   Amy Poehler
Genre:  Memoir
Category:  Non-Fiction 792.7028
Rating:  B+
Published:  2014
CDs/hours:  7/7.5
Dates:  6/16/16 - 6/28/16

Amy Poehler, author, director, and jack-of-all trades in the world of comedy, narrates her memoir, Yes Please.  Wildly funny, down-to-earth and to-the-point Amy shows all aspects of herself to her audience of readers and listeners.  Yes Please is a finalist for the Prose Bowl.  I’m not sure if this has happened yet or not for Amy.  Even Googling the subject gives us spotty information about who the other finalists are or were.  Oh, well.  Prose Bowl Finalist is a category for the Sno-Isle Library System’s 16 in ’16 Reading Resolutions Challenge.  And I’m continuing to plod through the categories.  I did like this book and learned more about Amy who really is a new find for me. 

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