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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#5 - Francisco Goya - Ann Waldron

Title:  Francisco Goya
Author:  Ann Waldron
Genre:  Non-fiction 760.92
Rating:  B
Date Published:  1992
Dates Read:  1/23/16 - 1/26/16
Pages:  92

Starving artists tends to describe painters of the era in which Goya was born, 1746, and this was true as this painter began his career as a young man.  A forerunner of the impressionist movement, Goya worked hard, under the tutelage of some other more well-known artists until he gained enough notoriety to become recognized by royalty.  Then his career really took off.  His passion was for the underdog, the horrors of wars that raged between his native Spain and France, the common folk as well as portraits of the royals.  His early works included pantomime and as he matured and produced more and more paintings, his values changed along with his abilities until he gained a scholarship to work for the king.  Some of his work really showed those things that raged in his mind.  This was probably true due to the loss of his wife and his general debilitating health.

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