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Friday, May 29, 2009

Title: The Little Friend
Author: Donna Tartt
Genre: Novel
Challenges: 100+, Audiobook, Read and Review, Support Your Local Library, Pages Read, Seconds
Rating: B +
CTs/No. of Hours: 18/27
Published: 2002
Dates read: 4/9/09 - 5/29/09
Read by: Karen White

From the back cover - “From the author of The Secret History, comes a dark, suspenseful novel of lost childhood. Harriet Dusfresnes is a child in Mississippi, haunted by the murder of her brother when she was just a baby. He was found hanging from a tree in their backyard; his killer was never identified, nor did the family ever recover. Only Harriet’s teenage sister might have seen what happened that day, and she has blocked it out from her memory. Harriet grows up immured by the family’s lasting grief, living mostly in a world of her own imagination. But her dead brother Robin is a link to lost happier times. Therefore, in the summer of her twelfth year, she decides to find his murderer and exact her revenge ….”

I love Tartt’s books. She is a wonderful storyteller, full of descriptive passages and characters. Would love to hear more from this author whose book, according to Entertainment Weekly is ’an elegant, edifying work of art.’

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